DiSC® in Action – Why I Like It

Here’s one reason I love DiSC®: you can put it to work immediately.

Consider an individual whom you’re having a bit of difficulty connecting with, and you call this a “personality conflict.”

Ask yourself:

Is the person more fast-paced and outspoken? Or, are they more cautious and reflective?
Then ask, is this person more questioning and skeptical? Or, are they more accepting and warm?

The first question puts them more “top” or “bottom” on the above chart — fast-paced equals “top” and cautious equals “bottom.”
The second question puts them either “right” or “left” — questioning is “left” and accepting is “right.”

If you know me personally, you will likely peg me as “fast-paced,” putting me on the “top.”

It’s tougher to decide if I’m more “questioning” or “warm”. That’s a testament to the fact that we are complex creatures.

Most will put me on the right as “warm”. My daughter — and some of my coaching clients — might put me on the left as more questioning.

But let’s say I’m “top” and “right”. That makes me an “i” which stands for “influence”.

Each acronym in the DiSC® chart describes the way people like to work with others.

As an “i” – I value enthusiasm, action, and collaboration. Once you know that, then you have an idea of how to approach and work with me.

Armed with just that tiny spec of knowledge, my (personal) work with “C” people (bottom, left) drastically improved.

Once I learned that the “Conscientious” style prioritizes accuracy over speed, which isn’t really my style, we got along much better.

For details, read this post: How DiSC® Changed My Life.

As for the other sections, “D” stands for Dominance, and “S” stands for Steadiness.

Just checking out their priorities — which are all good, and every team needs them — can help you decide how to modify your approach to get along with the people you work with.

Before you know it, those “personality conflicts” will be a thing of the past.

I get lots of questions about this, so I’m going to start sharing more. Until then, the “i” in me says “HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!”

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  1. nicholas
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    through this reading, am now able to communicate and understand my workmates well.

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