DiSC in Action – Email Manners and Mirroring…

Some past posts have talked about some good email practices:



Now, let’s put those concepts in line with DiSC as a tool for communicating.

In the first post, there were two different styles trying to connect, and by tailoring the email to match that, the communication was more effective.

Tip – when emailing friends, peers, or supervisors, mirror their DiSC style for effective communication.

The second post highlights the evolving norm in workplace correspondence.  Now, let’s put a DiSC slant on it:

Tip – start working toward adopting a “DC” approach to emails, and if you lead, start training your team to do the same.

The “D” helps keep things short and action-focused, and the “C” strips away the fluff.  And, this is the new norm, so using the approach is kind, polite, and savvy.  Teaching others to use it helps make communications much more efficient.

Do you have any other ways you apply DiSC to email communication?

Bonus tip — do your correspondents a favor by giving them a deadline to respond, or telling them there is no need.  (e.g.: “no need to reply” or “no reply needed” or “please let me know by 2pm” or “can you please respond by Friday noon?”)

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