DiSC in action – leading as an “S,” and answering that silly question…

When doing DiSC with a group of leaders, at some point someone asks “which is the best style for leaders?  Probably ‘D,’ right?”  Then, the “S” folks in the room get even more quiet, as concern rises that the answer may be “Yup. ‘D’s rule the world.”  Well, that’s not the answer.

It’s important to get this out of the way, and hammer it home:

The quality of leadership has nothing to do with the DiSC preference.  It has to do with the quality of the leadership.  If you’re familiar with The Group Dynamic Primer, you know that DiSC style doesn’t come up in discussions of leadership qualities.  Some styles may be more comfortable with various components of leadership – for example, an “influence” leader may find it easy to project the Positivity and Passion needed.

And the “S” leader?  The leader we read as  moderate-paced, accepting, and warm?  This leader prioritizes the values of Support, Collaboration, and Stability, and works in a leadership style we might call Inclusive, Humble, or Affirming.  If you are an “S,” and in a leadership role, take advantage of your sensitivity to inclusion, your affirming support, and your humility — these traits build credibility with the people around you, and they know what to expect.  So when bold action is required, it may be out of your comfort zone, but people will take notice, and buy in to your ideas, precisely because you don’t have a habit of moving fast or impulsively.

You might need to move out of your comfort zone to confront, present new ideas, or roll out a new project.  What you will find is a willingness to listen. So give it a shot.  Any thoughts from “Steadiness” leaders out there?

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  1. Sheila Krejci
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    With a group of leaders who have already completed the Workplace profile and are looking for the Leadership Styles associated with Leadership 363, what advice do you have? They do NOT want to complete the 363 nor are they interested in the VAE in Work of Leaders at this point.


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