DiSC in Action – Leading as an “i”…

In these next four posts, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each basic DiSC preference from the standpoint of the leader.

It makes sense to start with the “i,” because this blog has already hinted at the issues faced by the “i” in action.

Someone is possibly an “i” (influencer) if they are seen as more fast-paced than cautious, and more accepting and warm than skeptical.

An “i” leader values enthusiasm, collaboration, and action; and might be described as energizing, affirming, or pioneering.

Now, while I have lots of “D” in me, I have mostly led as an “i.”  When I was a band director, I got a lot of feedback about my positivity and high energy.  Instead of realizing that this feedback was coming only from the people who appreciated it, I attributed all success to this way of doing things, and I ramped it up!  Bad move; I fell for…

The success deception:Because I’m successful, this way clearly works for me, and I must keep it up, and get everyone else to do it my way.”  This deception kept me from making the changes I needed to make for a long time — too long.

Now that I’m serving as a leader in other contexts, here’s what I need to keep in mind:

•Slow down (while my team might appreciate swift action, there are times I need to force myself to back off to see the big picture).

•Listen more and chill out (while my insights are undoubtably brilliant and exciting, the people around me might be annoyed or intimidated by my emotional intensity or unintended monopolization).

•Remember that not everyone shows their passion the same way I do.

This seems like common sense, right?  Well, perhaps it is, but it’s not common practice, partly because of that success deception.

Next week – Leading as an “S.”  Are you an “S?”  Send me your thoughts and comments, and perhaps I can include them next week.

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