DiSC in Action — leading as a “C”

Information on reading the C (Conscientiousness) styles, and implications for leadership:

Following the steps of people-reading,  we learn that someone who tends to be “skeptical and challenging,” and “cautious and reflective,” likely fits the profile of a “C” style.

“C” leaders tend to be strong in the areas of Integrity, Self-Impovement planning, and clear Communication, traits found in The Group Dynamic Primer.

Teamwork values of the “C” leader: Accuracy, Challenge, and Support.

Leadership style descriptors of the “C” leader: Deliberate, Resolute, and/or Humble.

Unique tendencies of the “C” leader: brief communications, little small talk, separation of work and play.

Why “C” leaders can be very good: Things are done correctly rather than quickly; matter-of-fact communication makes things clear; time is rarely wasted because of non-relevant activities.

Drawbacks: Time may be wasted due to over-analysis or overly methodical processes.  Relationships may suffer or be slow to develop because of to-the-point communication.

One action suggestion for C leaders:

•Work to affirm members of your team, offering both positive and critical feedback, even when it seems obvious to you, or overly “affirming.” They like to know exactly where they stand.

These short, unmodified bullet points and this abrupt ending are characteristics of a “C” communication style.  We “i”s ought to learn this style – it can be very efficient, and even productive.

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