A Quick Year-End Idea for Leaders and Teams

Sometimes we know we should invest a lot of time in year-end evaluation, but we’re overwhelmed or tired.

Here’s an idea to make it both easy and productive:

Top Three/Bottom Three

Gather your team, or just your calendars, and pick one of these areas:

  • Initiatives
  • Events
  • Projects
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Weeks
  • Months

Pick your top three, and your bottom three within that area.

Then, decide what to do with that information.

It could be to nurture or schmooze the top three customers, while cooling off contact with the bottom three.

It could be to eliminate two of your bottom three events, and invest the resources in one of the top three.

You could try to figure out what made your top weeks so great, and apply those lessons to your bottom three over the course of the next year.

Regardless, in less than 60 minutes, you’ve got a clearer picture, and a bit of a plan to apply.

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