Two simple ways to determine “right fit” for new employees…

Is this a typical small-business hiring process? (…is it limited to “small” businesses?)

-You’re too busy. You need someone to do some things, so you advertise and hire someone who seems good.

-You hire that person, and get that person up to speed on the tasks right away so he/she can start making your life easier as quickly as possible.

-You assume that over time, they will “get” your culture and processes.

-Over time, you start to realize that this person may not have been the right match. You go back and work with them and tell them “how we do things around here.” And then…

-You have tension, lack of retention, and a repeat of the process. Sound familiar?

Here’s something that might work better, no matter how big or small your business is:

For each interviewee, tell the story of your organization and why you exist.

For example, the story of Group Dynamic is born of early leadership experiences, inspiration from influencers, and a fresh start. The story grows over 15 years and becomes a mission: To help people get more done and embrace the hard work required, by building stronger leaders and tighter teams.

You have your own story; tell it.

At the end of telling the story to the interviewee, ask:

“Are you interested in being a part of this story?”

Then, share your defined values AND what they look like, and ask directly, “Can you work like this? Does this resonate?”

For example, one Group Dynamic value is “Intentional Continuous Improvement.” What does that look like for a new hire?
-Seeking, embracing, and incorporating feedback.
-Actively looking for ways that *I* can do things better. (On her first day, Ashleigh asked for access to my blog, so she could correct some typos.)

While you probably have values, please make sure that each is:
-Accompanied by examples of what work products look like because of that value.

My recommendations for you:
1-Tell your story during the interview process, and make it easy for someone to opt out if your story doesn’t resonate with them.
2-Make your values clear, defined, and accompanied by work product expectations and examples.

I always recommend the GWV Values Alignment test for right fit. In my case, I introduced the process to Ashleigh during training, and revisited it after her 4-week trial period.

Thanks for reading,

Alan Feirer

Ashleigh’s Input – The GWV values alignment test is simple and effective. It made it clear what I was getting into working with Alan, and how I would be evaluated. Knowing the background story of Group Dynamic dramatically increased my buy-in and motivation to be part of that story’s future (because it resonates with me). Of course, Alan could have curbed his enthusiasm a tiny bit when he told it to me. 🙂

  1. Julie Feirer
    | Reply

    Ashleigh is an excellent hire and I look forward to working with her!

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