The blog returns…

The blog is back!

2014 has been a reality check for us at Group Dynamic. By June, it was clear that this year, we would exceed all goals and projections.

So, we (and it is “we” now) have scaled up, re-prioritized time use and projects, clarified and expanded offerings, incorporated (S-Corp, for you curious business org nerds), changed domains, created a new website, and hired staff.

Most of the details are boring, of course, except for one aspect I’m going to share with you; the staff expansion.

For many years, I have helped leaders hire and onboard new employees. I talked to them about finding the right fit, the nuts and bolts of task assignment and the role of deadlines. I blogged about setting clear expectations, and the value of frequent feedback.

And when I blogged about it, I used their stories. But for the next few posts, I’ll be able to speak in the first person about hiring, onboarding, giving feedback, one-on-ones, task assignment, coaching, deadlines, and performance management.

I hope we can agree that it’s good to learn from the successes and failures of others. My own successes and failures, as well as the observation of others’, has led to many of my 140+ blog posts. Watch this space and learn with me.

Thank you for your patience as Group Dynamic has worked to restructure and scale up over the last four months; the blog hiatus was an important part of that.

If you have questions – or would like me to expand on any certain area, please let me know. I’ll work to keep making this blog as actionable as possible.

It may seem as though “I’m back.” But in reality, I’ve been here all along.

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Next week — two steps to ensure “right fit” from the start.

  1. Julie Feirer
    | Reply

    I’m so glad the blog is back! Looking forward to the next post.

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