Self-Improvement – Top Five + One

It’s summer!  Summer is a very busy time for me, personally and professionally.  I originally planned to take the blog on hiatus, but there are too many people who are counting on it every Wednesday, which is great!  So, to balance out the demands, here’s the summer plan:

Each week, I’ll pick a topic.  I’ll provide links to the five most relevant posts from this blog’s library, and then add a link to an external source that is helpful, and fits the topic.  I’m calling it “Top Five + One”, and you can count on it weekly from now until the end of August.  All 13 topics are already selected.  The first one is…


Just in time for summer, here are some starting points for a renewed commitment to personal betterment…

Effective Leaders Stay Up-To-Date

Beware acting while stressed…

Things successful leaders avoid saying (part 3)

Effective Leaders Stand Out (part two)

What three things make the biggest difference? (part one)

the “+ One”…

My own self-improvement journey had a heck of a lot to do with these guys and their podcasts:

Manager Tools Basics

Hope your summer is off to a great start!

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  1. Wade Presley
    | Reply

    Now my summer reading goal will be fulfilled, which is to internalize as much student leadership content as possible. Thanks Alan!

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