Prevent your own demoralization in one step…

If you are a leader, it is your job to keep your people motivated, and stave off any demoralization.

But what if YOU lose your mojo due to some cranky folks in your organization?  It’s so easy to be derailed by those one or two “downers” who complain, or scowl, or cross their arms at you all the time.

That derailing happens because you start to give them more attention, in order to “fix” them…  That’s good, of course; developing those relationships is important.  BUT – if you lose balance, and let them get to you too much in the meantime, there’s a simple way to regain focus on the big picture:

Spend a little time with your best people. Heck, just look at them.  And remember that those eager attitudes, receptive minds, and friendly faces represent the bulk of your organization, AND the end result of the relationships you are building with those who aren’t there yet.

(Now, if those negative people are in the majority, or they are harming the organization, those are deeper matters.  Not what we’re talking about right now.)

Lilly Walters, in Secrets of Successful Speakers, counsels the nervous speaker to look right at the smiling people, the receptive ones in the crowd, and ignore the curmudgeons.  We can apply that in front of a crowd, or in the hallway.

As a leader, you are too important to become demoralized yourself – look to the positive.

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