My Favorite Equations

Keeping it simple is something I like other people to do.  I, however, am not always so good at it.  That’s why I like simple equations – they help me focus, and help me explain things to others.


…where p is “performance”, P is “Potential”, and i is “interference.”

This comes from The Inner Game of Tennis, which is a tome used quite regularly by musicians and other practitioners of “practice makes perfect” crafts.

It’s helpful to frame things this simply.  If you, or your craft, or your organization, is not reaching its potential, what is standing in the way? Interference!

Of course, that can take many forms, but if you just try to answer ONE question – What is interfering the most?  – it can help to simplify problem solving.

The Inner Game advocates three ways to identify and overcome the interference:

Awareness – enable your vision to see the current reality

Trust – the Zen-like ability to trust your instincts and observations

Choice – do what is needed to act on the reality, and your instincts

For more, see

But basically, when you’re not reaching your goals, whether in business, or life, or at tennis or tuba-playing, ask yourself – what is the interference?


Next time – T=r+d…

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