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Recently I was asked to be a guest blogger for a business leader focused blog. (www.upatdawn.biz)

I provided an older post from this blog that I’m pretty proud of, but Jeffrey Kirk over at Up At Dawn helped me understand that his audience was different from mine.

Nonsense! My audience is also business leaders, right?

Kind of. I also have lots of education leaders, and youth-oriented readers. It’s been my contention that best practices in leadership and teamwork are pretty darn transferable. And I’m right.

And Jeffrey agrees with me, but remained firm (and correct) in asking for some changes. And, truth be told, when I wrote that original post, I was picturing a different reader.

I’m still proud of both posts, and I ask you — which one speaks to you more? Are the differences subtle or noticeable?

My daughter (she’s 10) made a comment to me the other day: “You talk differently to different people.” When I asked her what the difference was, she pointed out differences based on how close I was to the person. More about this in a future post, but the point now is this: shifting our words or tone based on our audience isn’t fake; it’s how we connect. And connecting is how we get great things done.

Here are the posts – what do you think?

Original post. (Breath Support to the End of the Phrase is a Key Deliverable)

Modified for the focused audience. (Secrets for Conducting Business)

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