Leaders Have to Ask – Wanna-be Leaders Ought to Initiate!

When the question is
“What do you want more of from your leaders?”

the answer is very often

“To initiate more on their own – to do more of what needs to be done without being asked.”

Well, here are two truths:

1-You have to ask. In early stages, very specifically. In later stages, it can be as simple as “You are expected to initiate things and not wait to be asked. What is one thing you know you could do — and would do if asked — but aren’t doing right now?”

People aren’t psychic. So, ask for what you want.

2-Do you want to be promoted, or considered a potential leader, or get other awards in the form of scholarships, fellowships, titles, opportunities, or unique letters of recommendation?

Initiate things without being asked. Self-starters WIN, because they are rare. You are the person that everybody wants to hire, promote, honor, and/or be around.

Be psychic, and do what your leader needs without being asked.

This is an attempt at a challenge, and I hope it doesn’t come across as sarcastic, because it is meant to be helpful while challenging:

-Leaders who complain about their followers being “lazy” because they don’t initiate more might be perceived as “lazy” by observers, because they aren’t doing the hard work of asking and guiding.

What do you think?

PS – I’ve been so heads-down on some projects that I haven’t been blogging regularly. Below is one of those projects — it’s a video to promote a workshop for youth leaders in college and high school – the first half is one way to do student leadership training, and the second half is another way. If the first half turns your stomach, skip to 3:30.

Warning – the corporate version is currently in post-production.  🙂

Group Dynamic Leadership Experience from Alan Feirer on Vimeo.

Avoid the BALCASED! Instead, let’s head to Disney and learn about leadership in Central Florida.

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