Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 6)



Leaders avoid saying things that shut down discussion and communication; some of these are obviously intended to do this, so using them can damage your credibility also.

Here are some examples:

“…Enough said.” or the colloquial “‘nuf said.”

“Last time I checked,”  followed by something like “this was still a free country.”

“Just sayin'”

“No offense, but…”

“yes, BUT…”

A great alternative to the last one is “yes, AND” or, “maybe… it is ALSO true that…”

In your next give-and-take – especially if it’s heated – ask yourself (or put on a sticky note in front of you):

“Is my language shutting down the conversation, or keeping it open?”

And remember to sometimes just say “I don’t know – what do YOU think?


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