My personal favorites – Top Five + One

Here we are at Avonlea Village (for you Anne of Green Gables fans) on our last trip to Canada in 2009.

As I wrote this, I was preparing for family vacation to Manitoba. Yes, that’s right, Manitoba. That’s where we were when this was going to get published on June 29.  Unfortunately, I goofed up the scheduling, so we went a week without the blog; reminder: during this busy summer season, I’m taking a break from original posts and instead, sharing “greatest hits.”


Why Manitoba? We try to do a family road trip to someplace different than where we’ve been before. Last summer, it was Natchez, Mississippi. This year, Winnipeg and Wasagaming.

So, since I’m indulging in unique leisure, this week I’m sharing my five six personal favorite posts:

Leadership behaviors in “non-leaders” leads to organizational success.

Breath Support to the End of the Phrase is a Key Deliverable

Leaders Model the Behavior they Expect

Positive leadership isn’t the same thing as “soft” leadership

Beware acting while stressed…

Why “Tabatha” smokes “Boss”…

Staying personal with the plus one…

Here’s where we went:

About The Area

Thanks for reading!

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