Leaders Daydream

I was sitting at my desk, staring into space, thinking about my work.

Thinking about current work, but also daydreaming about the future and reminiscing about the past.

I was daydreaming. And, I got caught.

My boss walked in, so I jerked myself to a “working posture” and grabbed a pen.

I said, “Oh, man, sorry, you caught me staring into space.”

“No,” said Fred. “I caught you daydreaming, and I wish more people around here would do that. I do it all the time.”

He went on to talk about how important it is to not get caught up in so much immediate work. How we all need to slow down, and breathe, and think about big things, or disconnected things.

And, that by daydreaming, we start to get clarity on our purpose.

It was affirming and refreshing.

That interaction took place in 1997. We’re even more obsessed with busyness and work in the present. So, it’s more true than ever.

Let’s daydream, and stare into space, and think once in a while.

And, when you catch others doing it, be like Fred and affirm it.

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