DiSC in Action – Leading as a “D”

Someone is possibly a “D” (Dominant) if they are seen as more fast-paced than calm, and more challenging than warm.

A “D” leader values results, challenge, and action; and might be described as commanding, resolute, or pioneering.

The “D” leader might get a lot of positive feedback on their results-oriented approach, especially if they experience success. Be careful though – avoid falling for…
The success deception: “Because I’m successful, this way clearly works for me, and I must keep it up, and get everyone else to do it my way.”  This deception keeps some from making needed changes.

If you are a “D” leader, and you want to get results, here’s what you need to keep in mind:
•Slow down (while some team members might appreciate swift action, there are times to back off to see the big picture).
•Listen more and warm up (the results-oriented approach might make people feel interrupted, disregarded, and even bullied, if you’re not careful).
•Some people work best in collaborate settings, and you might benefit from waiting to see what the team comes up with.

This seems like common sense, right?  Well, perhaps it is, but it’s not common practice, partly because of that success deception.

In future posts, we’ll answer the question “How do we deal with these people?”

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