Being easy to work with! When your leader is an “Influence” type!!! :)

So, you’ve read your leader as an “I!” And, you want them to read this post!  Of course you do!!!

But – things go better when we work to adapt ourselves, rather than trying to force others to change!  In fact, our adaptation can inspire others to change. (Have you read Leadership and Self-Deception yet?)

[Are you getting tired of all the exclamation marks yet?  Sorry – just trying to condition you!!!!!!!]

Consider this as a goal: Be easy to work with.  More opportunities come along that way.  Something we’ve seen is that the world seems to work better for people who are punctual, deliver on time, respond to communication quickly, are pleasant, and exceed expectations.

So — how to do that with your “Influence” leader, who cares about action, results, and ENTHUSIASM!!!! Match their style and their needs.  (Which, frankly, can sometimes be exhausting, I know. I am an “I” and I’ve seen it in your faces.)

Consider keeping these things in mind:

-We like to have fun and explore interesting tangents.  It doesn’t mean we’re not thoughtful or serious about things.

-Move fast – maybe a little faster than comfortable, so plan ahead.

-In fact, the “i” might predict what you’re about to say and interrupt you.

-Steel yourself for enthusiasm, positivity, smiles, and energy, especially if you seem “down” – the “i” might take it upon themselves to cheer you up.

-Emails may contain emoticons or exclamation marks!  😉

-The “i” cares about the level of influence they have, so if you can subtly find a way to help them understand that such intense energy might hurt their influence, you may have an impact.

While it is probably true that we need to work on slowing down and listening more and staying on topic and focusing on details, it isn’t your task today to change and develop us.  But, you can give us room to do that work on their own when you stay easy to work with. And fire up!

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