Alan was interviewed for John Mattone‘s Expert Interview Series. In this interview, Alan answers questions such as, “Do you have any advice for leaders on how to be candid with an employee or team member without hurting their feelings?” and “What’s the most in-demand leadership skill today that is also the rarest?” Read the interview here.

Alan enjoyed presenting at EntreFest in 2015 and again in 2017. This year, he presented a bite-sized overview of The 5 Behaviors of A Cohesive Team®.

The Des Moines Register asked Alan everything from questions about his business, to how he’s been influenced by his mentors, to what he would change about downtown Des Moines. Click here to read Alan’s Des Moines Register interview “Get to know: Alan Feirer.”

Click to hear Alan’s interview on the Insight on Business segment of the News Hour with Michael Libbie. Published 11/23/2016.

“Years ago Alan Feirer realized that his career was going…nowhere. That realization led him to study business principals and that opened up a whole new world and his company, Group Dynamic. In this segment we talk about the most common issues business faces that keeps them from growing.”

Click to hear Alan’s interview on the Insight on Business segment of the News Hour with Michael Libbie. Published  12/16/2014.

“Our friend Alan Feirer came in to talk about his new book “Group Dynamic Field Guide -51 Ideas Leaders Can Use Today.” We talk about why 51 ideas and not 52? How can leaders have a true impact on their staff? We also talk about the Annual Night of Gluttony…what?”

Here are some video clips of Alan sharing thoughts on leadership.

Here, Alan gives an overview of a program he facilitates for groups and organizations, The Five Behaviors™ of a Cohesive Team, based on the book recommended above.

In this video, Alan shares an important concept from a book he recommends, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni:

In this interview, Mel Wildermuth and Alan discuss key “action-driven” leadership practices from Alan’s book The Group Dynamic Field Guide: 51 Ideas Leaders Can Use Today.