The best credentials are satisfied customers, and your feedback is always valued. Here are few things that clients have said about their work with Alan Feirer.

Laurie Everhardt, Waverly Health Center:

“Alan provided leadership training to a group of hospital volunteer/Auxiliary leaders. He was engaging, entertaining and most of all highly informative! We left with definite ideas and plans for how to make changes to our organizations. Because this was a group of volunteers, everyone comes in with different expectations and levels of involvement. As a result, it can be a hard to please group. Alan received exceptional scores on the evaluations and overwhelmingly positive comments. Alan is at the top of my list to recommend for training relating to leadership, group work, team-building, etc.”

Joanne Tubbs, Des Moines Public Schools Curriculum Coordinator:

Alan Feirer’s presentations for the Des Moines Public Schools Annual Professional Development Day were met with overwhelming attendance and impact. Out of over 150 sessions offered, Mr. Feirer’s evaluations were among the top-10 highest rated sessions of the day with such comments as: ‘Excellent – applicable to every age,’ ‘Great speaker – fun and engaging,’ ‘Ask him back!’ ‘I can actually take this and apply to my classroom and team.’

Sarah Noll Wilson, Training Supervisor, ING (A Global 100 Company):

Alan was brought in to facilitate a session for an emerging leader’s course on personality using DiSC. At the end of the 10 month program the session that Alan facilitated was one that continued to be discussed in lessons learned.

Jen Goemann:

In a time of uncertainty for our department and company, we hired Alan to speak at an all IT meeting. Our goal was simple but not easy…. Remind our people that even if they don’t know what the future holds, today is what matters and to forge ahead continuing to do good work even in times of change.

Alan met this challenge with ease and had an engaging, funny and accurate presentation that inspired the team and got us all to think in terms of team and goal and not worry so much about the outside noise. His professional, yet playful approach was received with smiles and applause. For weeks after Alan’s presentation I heard buzz words and people talking about it. I would recommend Alan to any group seeking a dynamic consultant for a longer term engagement or even a keynote like we experienced. I have worked with Alan in a few different capacities over the past years and his leadership and passion is unmatched!

Jennifer Hannon, Madison County Memorial Hospital

The training Alan didi for us was very well received, in fact, many of the management staff said it was the best management training they had ever attended.

 Jason Kleemeier, CFP, USB Investment Center:

I want to thank you for your presentation Tuesday night. I had a very good time and learned a ton. Your energy is amazing! The truly great thing is that I can tell you really care about your audience and want them to grow. I believe that you wanted to do everything in your power to help even if you would not be the front and center. Thanks for using your gifts and talents to help others.”

Mary Beth Oostenbrug, Executive Director, Friendship Ark Homes:

Your presentations at the IACP Convention were delightful. Learning is great fun at this stage of life, especially when presented in such an innovative manner. Thank you for sharing your expertise and time.

Mark Hanson, Membership Services Director, Iowa Association of Community Providers:

I received more positive comments about your presentations than any other speaker at the convention. And that’s the truth.

Brian B. Cross, BM1, Executive Petty Officer, USCGC SCIOTO (WLR-65504), Keokuk, IA:

Of the countless training sessions I’ve been to in my civilian life and the training I’ve received in my 13 year Coast Guard career I’ve never experienced someone with your charisma and talent.

Tammy Krings, Training Manager, Inscape Publishing:

Alan is an exceptional example of what it takes to reach someone … to really get to know what makes them tick individually and to tap into that special place. He is a top notch professional who takes the time to listen, apply and lead.

Erin Graves, National Service Delivery Director, ADP (A Fortune 300 Company):

The session we had with you helped us identify our areas of struggle and how to establish our norms so everyone know what to expect. It is amazing the differences we find in our merged organization and the accomplishments we have made since our meetings.

Melissa Miller, Director of Employee Engagement, Story County Medical Center:

Alan did a remarkable job doing his ‘homework’ on our industry and organization prior to our workshop. The leadership and personality assessment he uses in his facilitation are the most accurate I’ve seen. I would recommend Alan for all types of organizations, as I believe his ability to adapt well to different groups matches his expertise in leadership and excellence in facilitating.

Patricia Nicklaus, Executive Recruiter, Global Executive Solutions Group:

It is critical to an organization’s success to attract and more importantly retain the best and the brightest. Competition for young up-and-comers is fierce. I would highly recommend Alan to any of my clients who are seeking innovative change in leadership development and management.

Jamie Short, Employee Development, Roquette America, Inc.:

You were the best part of the day for many of us — I appreciate your passion for being a dynamic leader!

Pam Gridley, Director, Corporate Relations, Iowa Hospital Association:

GREAT JOB speaking at the Auxiliary Volunteer Track at the IHA Annual Meeting. I appreciate that your presentations are informative, current, and you can’t forget entertaining! I know our members do too.

Tamara Bane, instructional coach, state finalist, Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching:

My role as an instructional coach has been abundantly enhanced by the DiSC training. I’ve learned how my approach to situations differs from others, and how I can more efficiently interact with my colleagues. Alan’s animated, dashing pace kept all participants actively engaged and anxious to learn all that our time together could provide. A day doesn’t pass without someone discussing a profile! A very rewarding experience!

Dr. Susie Meade, Superintendent, Winterset Community School District:

Our Teacher Leaders participated in a day of learning around their DiSC profiles. This learning opportunity not only helped them learn more about how they think and work but also provided valuable insight in how others approach relationships, work and problems of practice. This insight has proven to be essential as they learn to navigate their roles with colleagues and advance the goals of our district. WCSD Teacher Leaders have been exposed to multiple professional developments this year as they’ve worked to expand their repertoires. This is a fundamental training that is essential to any Teacher Leader or school district and is well worth the time and financial investment. By request, our future plans are to expand this training to employees beyond those in a teacher leadership role.