Servant Leadership

When we boil down all we know about good leadership, we are left with a two-word action plan: Meet needs.

In this session, you will learn the principles of Alan’s Eight Component Leadership Model to help you move leadership theory into actionable content and start leading—not by control but by meeting needs. 

With content that is research-based and proven in the real world, delivery will be fast-paced and high-energy, combining storytelling, discussion, and activity.

Participants will develop the following Workplace Competencies, being able to:

  1. Asking “What more can be done?” and then acting on it. (Service)
  2. Accurately describe both the ideal state of their group and the current state of their group. (Vision)
  3. Maintaining high standards of work and doing what they say they will do. (Integrity)
  4. Listen with complete focus on the speaker. (Communication) 
  5. Speak well, clearly, specifically, and in ways that show respect to the listener. (Communication)
  6. Address specific actions and/or behavior and not attitude or assumed mindset. (Communication)
  7. Demonstrate/model everything they ask others to do. (Modeling)
  8. When corrected or they learn a new way of doing something, adjust what they do accordingly. (Stretching and Growing)
  9. Be positive. (Positivity)
  10. Engage in actions and communications that show others they care about the work/cause/organization. (Passion)

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Group Dynamic is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® recertification activities.