Why “Tabatha” smokes “Boss”…

Sometimes it’s skill, sometimes marketing, sometimes bad staff, but usually it’s the management. That’s part of the awesomeness of the show; that look on the leader’s face when they realize this:

“Hey, I really wanted this person to come in and fix the place and the staff, but they’re saying I’m the problem. Oh no!”

If you’re a fan of Undercover Boss, try Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. It rocks. And it’s full of real stuff for leaders.

Do you dig the little things?

Dig the little things. The best leaders, businesses, organizations, churches, workers realize this.

My dentist has a cool aquarium in the waiting room, with fish that he periodically rotates from his collection. I only stay at the Savery Hotel once per year, but Ross in sales knows what room I like. I bet you have examples, too.

“Generational Differences” offer opportunities, not excuses…

It all comes back to the basics of leadership: meet needs, build relationships, and provide meaning. No one, of any generation, really enjoys, say, “vacuuming to the corners.” But we can all be led to play a role in “comforting weary travelers by providing the cleanest hotel room they’ve ever seen.”

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