What’s the Magic trick used to control Disney guests?
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Something that strikes most visitors to Walt Disney World is how “nice” of a place it is. It’s very clean. The employees are called “cast members” because they’re playing a role and they have a reputation for great service and … Read more

My other favorite equation…
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T=r+d …where T is “trust,” r is “reliability,” and d is “delight.” I attended EntreFest 2011, and one of the best sessions I attended was

My Favorite Equations
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Keeping it simple is something I like other people to do.  I, however, am not always so good at it.  That’s why I like simple equations – they help me focus, and help me explain things to others. p=P-i …where … Read more

Effective Leaders Stand Out (part two)
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Last week, we covered the first four of nine simple things that an aspiring leader can do in order to stand out.  Here are five more – I’m anxious for your opinions! 1) Whenever possible,

Effective Leaders Stand Out (part one)
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In preparation for a breakout session at an upcoming conference, I developed a list of ten things a leader can do to stand out and get noticed.  Not in a “look at me!” kind of way, but in a way … Read more

Effective Feedback is About the Future
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Any feedback on any behavior is most helpful to the individual and the organization if it is
1) Specific
2) Includes a call to future action

It can be as simple as “Good work, keep it up.” as opposed to simply “good work”.
It can be as thought out as “Nice thoroughness on that; if you always meet deadlines that well, we’ll really be successful.”

Things successful leaders avoid saying (part 3)
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Consistent negative talk will create a negative culture. A constant drumbeat of “don’t forget” “don’t be late” “don’t screw that up” “don’t talk to me right now” can be pretty discouraging. If you can rephrase things using positive words, a better atmosphere is created. Better atmosphere = more encouraging = more productive.

Nervous about speaking in front of others?
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When presenting, stand still. Too much walking around makes your audience nervous and projects fear and nervousness. Also, when you stand still, it’s easier to make eye contact. If you’re talking longer than five minutes, it makes sense to deliberately move to a different place. Then stand there, feet shoulder width apart, looking at your audience.

Young people KNOW customer service…
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In light of the earlier posts regarding generational differences, this article adds nicely to those thoughts: Why Gen Y-ers are Better at Customer Service : The World :: American Express OPEN Forum.

Why “Tabatha” smokes “Boss”…
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Sometimes it’s skill, sometimes marketing, sometimes bad staff, but usually it’s the management. That’s part of the awesomeness of the show; that look on the leader’s face when they realize this:

“Hey, I really wanted this person to come in and fix the place and the staff, but they’re saying I’m the problem. Oh no!”

If you’re a fan of Undercover Boss, try Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. It rocks. And it’s full of real stuff for leaders.

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