Leaders Make Space for Accidental Discovery

After 30 years of teaching and facilitating workshops, one lesson is abundantly clear: people learn more when exploring with others. This can be in practice, breakout groups, and table discussions. Side conversations make learning real. Applying learning to real-world situations … Read More

The Art of Listening

It’s not new information to remind people of the importance of listening. We have reiterated the power of listening on this blog many times. So what’s with another post about listening? Listening is power. Active listening, aka curious listening, is … Read More

Leaders Are Planned, Not Scripted

I get into trouble sometimes. As a presenter, I see this comment once in a while on evaluations: “He didn’t follow the handout.” My response to patterns of critical comments on evaluations is to generally take them to heart and … Read More

Leaders Know the Thinking Rate is Fixed

An equation I’ve shared before: p=P-i If the product (p) we get is our potential (P) minus the interference (i), it’s helpful to identify the interference. One example of that is how some people react to being rushed to “think … Read More

Leaders Know How Introverts Discover Paths Forward

This post is another insight I learned from reading Quiet by Susan Cain. Pressure from others or from our culture can unduly influence the choices we make, whether it’s career choices, selecting projects, or deciding what hobbies to take up. … Read More

Leaders Know Innovation Happens Best Alone

In chapter three of Quiet, Susan Cain tells us “Collaboration Kills Creativity.” The notion that working in teams can sometimes stifle innovation has been making the rounds for a while now, and Cain provides a brilliant explanation of the phenomenon … Read More

Job Posting

Business Development Specialist Job Description We are looking for a full-time Business Development Specialist for a consulting and training company in Winterset, IA. The Business Development Specialist supports the everyday business operations of Group Dynamic, provides customer service, and seeks … Read More

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