Increase Your Productivity

Alan says… Productivity is your number two request for personal development opportunities. There is great emphasis on creating value through work at Kemin – and that has been inspiring to me as I’ve worked with you. So many factors can … Read more

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence for Yourself and Your Team

Alan says… People work hard at Kemin, and there are a lot of very talented and skilled individuals who may have had a lot of success individually, but then find themselves working with people different than themselves. That’s where Emotional … Read more

Improve Your Teamwork

Alan says… Some of the most intense work I’ve done at Kemin has been with teams. Trust needs to be built carefully and deliberately, and relationships need to be tended in order to keep that trust intact. Understanding each others … Read more

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Build a Skillset for Conflict Resolution

Alan says… Conflict, even talk of conflict, makes people uncomfortable. I’ve seen a lot of examples of conflict avoidance at Kemin, and a few breakthroughs once people enter into conflict situations with more courage and respect. It’s essential, especially in … Read more

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Leaders Build Trust by Talking Straight
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The Second Wave: Relationship Trust Building the Wave of Relationship Trust requires deliberate trust-building behaviors. We will start with some character-based behaviors, such as straight talk, showing respect, being transparent, righting wrongs, and showing loyalty. We’ll also explore the “counterfeit” … Read more

The Speed of Trust® Foundations | Franklin Covey

The vital currency in today’s connected and collaborative world is trust. We have all seen the toll of low-trust environments, defined by suspicion and defensiveness. Meanwhile, businesses that invest in training their people at all levels to build and maintain … Read more

Unconscious Bias | Franklin Covey

Unconscious bias is how our brain compensates for information overload.  We shortcut to familiar thinking patterns and operate solely from our comfort zone of lived experiences. This pattern negatively impacts growth and connection at all levels of an organization-no one … Read more

Multipliers®: How the Best Leaders Ignite Everyone’s Intelligence | Franklin Covey

Leaders have the power to access all the intelligence and capability people have to give and they also have the power to diminish talent and energy. This is the focus of Liz Wiseman’s book Multipliers How the Best Leaders Make … Read more

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