The Psychology of Change

  • Handling times of change delicately, with added emphasis on intentional words and actions.
  • This will be an interactive and upbeat workshop designed to empower and equip you with tools to successfully navigate in a changing environment.
  • Objectives include:
    • Understanding the Kübler-Ross Change Curve
    • Ways to be interactive and maximize communication during periods of change
    • Sparking motivation and developing capability in your team during periods of change

360 Evaluation and On-going Coaching

  • Improve communication, relationships, accountability, and productivity of your managers.
  • Leaders experience evaluation from peers, direct reports, supervisors, and self.
  • Implement plans to improve practice by capitalizing on strengths and addressing weaknesses.
  • See more information here.

Professional Development for Educators

As a former Iowa teacher with 19 years’ experience, including several teacher-leader roles, Alan Feirer is uniquely positioned as a professional trainer to provide the development your administrators and teacher-leaders need in order to effectively implement your TLC system.
See more information here. 

Personal Presentation Skills Development

  • Networking: Three habits to avoid and three habits to adopt.
  • Presenting at work or in public: Six simple pointers to help anyone have more confidence.
  • One or two sessions, 30-90 minutes in length — more time means more practice.

Strategic Analysis and Planning

  • For conferences, a 30-90 minute breakout session called “No Time to SWOT: Effective alternatives to all-out strategic planning; ways to discover, evaluate, and plan meaningful change in minutes and hours, not weeks and months.”
    • Review SWOT analysis techniques
    • Learn and practice the WWW/TALA tool – a way to evaluate a situation or event in about 10% of the time it takes to do a SWOT, yet get 80% of the same valuable information.
    • Learn and practice the art of MT goals, the less-intimidating and more actionable version of SMART goals.
    • Understand how to implement these techniques, along with simple action plans, to strategically change and improve when needed, quickly and effectively.

Time and Task Management

  • Two basic approaches to prioritizing and organizing your time and tasks.
  • 30-90 minute breakout session.

Keynote Speaking/Conference Facilitation

  • Customized to your event’s needs and goals.
  • Insightful, touching and amusing illustrations will convey messages to move your people.
  • See more information here.

Customer Service Training

  • Based on Disney’s approaches, this includes 4 priorities and 6 guidelines.
  • 30 to 60 minutes for a conference, three to four hours in an office/work environment.

The Leadership Challenge/Leadership Practices Inventory

  • Another approach to leadership, based on the work of Kouzes and Posner..
  • Can include the Leadership Practices Inventory, which is both a self-test and a 360 evaluation (optional).
  • Ideally, two full days. Can be condensed to a half-day if needed.
  • Currently, no “breakout session” version available.
  • This program has been used with the Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute.