Whether you’re looking for a workshop for a group of leaders or a workshop built for one, you’ve come to the right place. Alan Feirer’s leadership workshops are customized for you. Each includes leadership training, community building and goal-setting activities that are catered to meet the needs of your organization.

Organizational Development

If you wonder why your group seems to be accomplishing less, bickering more, or losing momentum, those problems can be addressed. All kinds of organizations experience a “slowdown” from time to time. We start with a facilitated conversation to help your organization move forward. With hands-on activities and candid discussions, your group will explore tough questions, focus on its potential, and leave with a concrete action plan for the future.

Leadership Training: Helping the Leaders Lead

Too often, people associate leadership with titles. A Group Dynamic workshop with Alan Feirer can move your officers, potential officers, or general membership to a broader sense of leadership. Through story, discussion, and activity, participants will discover the greatest form of leadership: servant leadership. Techniques of motivation, team building, and working well with others can also be explored. An eight-component servant leadership model that encompasses and synthesizes leadership theory and research is used to teach leadership skills. Alan will break down the model into actionable content that will be become your internal leadership development program.

Building Right Relationships: DiSC® Profile Facilitation and Implementation

The DiSC Profile is personality behavioral profiling that uses a four-dimensional model of normal behavior in an inventory assessment format. Alan Feirer has been a certified DiSC Authorized Partner since 2010, and has used DiSC assessments and instruments with hundreds of clients for team-building, 360 evaluation, conflict resolution, and more. DiSC profiling provides people with insight into their own innate strengths and weaknesses in regard to working with others, as well as the skills to communicate based on their DiSC personality. Many find that DiSC is the most immediately actionable and practical personality assessment available. Though he has also trained in 4mat and experienced Meyers-Briggs, DiSC is the program that led to actual change in his own leadership. This workshop can also be a refresher for a management team to help improve profitability and productivity.

Team Building: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Through DiSC personality assessments and facilitation, guided activity and group involvement, your team can move closer to each other and develop a deeper understanding of group dynamics. Teams can only be built by groups of people working together, doing their jobs together. Groups work together better when they feel a strong sense of community. As he leads your team through a group workshop, Alan will help them form that community. Your team will become more comfortable, more candid and more cohesive.