Leaders know: either you know everything, or there’s more out there…

…and there’s surely more out there.

I saw a great quote/metaphor in the paper this week:

“We do not applaud the tenor for clearing his throat.”

I know the guy who said it, and I found it eloquent, and I tweeted at him about it, and he responded, giving credit where credit is due:

Screenshot 2014-02-18 16.00.59


I meant what I said — there’s a lot out there, and figuring out what’s good enough to embrace, and then share, is important.

I have a lot of books.  I probably ought to read all of them, someday. They’re good enough that YOU would find value in them as well.

So, I’ll try my hand as some curation.  Most of my books have English titles – I ain’t as fancy as Monsieur Renaud – but in the weeks to come, I hope to have some decent “nuggets” of actionable content that will either

a) help you as a leader
b) inspire you to read more.

Some will be written, but most will be in concise (90 seconds or less) video format.  Yes, that’s right; a return to the 90-second burn is coming your way!

AND most importantly — as we get rolling — could you share some of YOUR nuggets, also, please?

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