A Big Question and Frequent Mistake for Frustrated Leaders

I’ve always loved the coaching flowchart from “Coaching for Improved Work Performance.” When someone you lead has a performance issue, this flowchart will help you pinpoint the problem. But if you want a question to get closer to the truth … Read more

Embracing the Better Normal

“Normal” is such a relative term which encompasses a broad spectrum. Since the start of this pandemic, the phrase “new normal” has been used everywhere for just about every situation. The idea is that the pre-pandemic world was “normal,” and … Read more

Leaders Multiply Talent

I’ve just started reading Mulitipliers by Liz Wiseman. I love books with a clear vision which are a combination of hard research and practical application. What Wiseman has done in this book is compare leaders who multiply talent with those … Read more

The Best Leaders Persist

What do you get when you plant tulip bulbs? Tulips. What do you get you plant marigold seeds? Marigolds. What do you get when you plant nothing? Nothing. Right?Wrong. You get weeds. Right now, the weeds are coming in, and … Read more

“Making Your Case” is an Overhyped Skill

I did some impromptu soul-searching recently when Drew McLellan posted this prompt on social media: “I got a note…from a 17-year-old entrepreneur from Scotland, asking me what I wish 17-year-old entrepreneur me had known. “I am certainly going to offer … Read more

To Whom are Leaders Allowed to Vent?

Curtis H. sent me a question via Linked-In: “As a previous leader in my fraternal organization at University, I found staying positive and bottling complaints overwhelming at times. If leaders shouldn’t show insecurity or vent around their followers, then is … Read more

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