To Whom are Leaders Allowed to Vent?

Curtis H. sent me a question via Linked-In: “As a previous leader in my fraternal organization at University, I found staying positive and bottling complaints overwhelming at times. If leaders shouldn’t show insecurity or vent around their followers, then is … Read more

Some Additional Thoughts on One-on-Ones

In The Effective Manager, Mark Horstman shares data on the value on one-on-ones. In their research, which has been replicated multiple times, they found that results and retention improve by about 10% when managers implement weekly one-on-ones. Another finding is … Read more

Things Successful Leaders Avoid Saying (Part 16)

I was re-reading the outstanding Flawless Consulting by Peter Block and appreciated how he outlined the issues underlying phrases like: “These people” OR “Those people” (followed by) “don’t understand” OR “need to understand.” WHAT THESE PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND… So, what’s … Read more

Things Leaders Say: “How Might We…”

Last week, I introduced you to Chris McQueen, current Head of Community—Created Content for ServiceNow, former Google employee. This week, I want to share something else from McQueen that I think you’ll find helpful. Any time you cite a problem, … Read more

Leaders Focus on Mission and Impact, Even in Tough Times

Some people think the U.S. is headed for an economic downturn, and I know some managers who are bracing for that potential storm. Samir runs a boutique marketing firm that promises clean and consistent brand development and graphic design. Ellyn … Read more

Practical Tips for Leaders to Start Hard Conversations

I really appreciate—and have totally used—Brené Brown’s tools. You can find downloadables on her website. Brené Brown recommends the following phrases to push vulnerable and trusting conversations forward: “The story I make up…” Often, we have an experience and don’t … Read more

Leaders Know the Difference Between Shame and Guilt

We often use the words shame and guilt interchangeably, but this causes problems. If we avoid tough conversations in order to save someone from shame, what we actually might be doing is avoiding important information that simply makes someone feel … Read more

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