Effective Feedback is About the Future

Any feedback on any behavior is most helpful to the individual and the organization if it is
1) Specific
2) Includes a call to future action

It can be as simple as “Good work, keep it up.” as opposed to simply “good work”.
It can be as thought out as “Nice thoroughness on that; if you always meet deadlines that well, we’ll really be successful.” … Read More

Nervous about speaking in front of others?

When presenting, stand still. Too much walking around makes your audience nervous and projects fear and nervousness. Also, when you stand still, it’s easier to make eye contact. If you’re talking longer than five minutes, it makes sense to deliberately move to a different place. Then stand there, feet shoulder width apart, looking at your audience. … Read More

Beware acting while stressed…

Something we talk about in Group Dynamic workshops is this: 80% of decisions are made based on emotion, not ration. Also, we tend to act less mature when stressed. The lessons? There are many.

One is this; when stressed, see if you can delay acting, or speaking, or addressing a situation until the stress passes. This will increase the likelihood of a better decision, and (more importantly) better interactions and relationships. Be nice. … Read More

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